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      In simple means, the Almighty lord for his own amusement, has written a play called " The Life" at this giant size open auditorium called " The Earth". He created all sort of  birds, insects, animals and human characters  to fit his script. He loves them all equally,  so ever since the creation of this world,  Almighty Lord showered  his blessings upon us  in the mode of nature,  and its resources to sustain our lives on this planet. Being the whole n sole Director He notice very discreetly. When ever He found the general misbehavior or things going wrong, to prompt or guide us back to the track, He provided guidance through his Angels, Holy Gurus, Avtars and Pagambers, who dedicated their entire life  to enlighten mankind  by offering true knowledge  of good and bad and they introduced us to The Creator of our souls, revealed His glory, asked  to keep away from mistakes, and at the completion of our part, finally merge back unto the sublime one.


 Religious Prophecies

Those great grand masters, provided Holy scriptures to help us find a guideline for a decent role and earn an award, of His Holy Glimpse. Time to time Holy scriptures provided to us by the  great Gurus,  Avatars and Pagambers are the living evidence, of their Prophecies made about the " Return of God "and marked the time of  his judgment day.

The scriptures of the world's all great religions do contain prophecies for the promised one, that God will one day send for us,  whose teachings will unite all of humanity into  one common faith like a loving family. Every religion call this Promised One by various names...The Jews await the appearance of "another Prophet" like Moses. Hindus look for the Kalki Avatar. Christians await the return of Christ. Muslims await both Christ and Imam Mahdi. Buddhist for the Maitreya Buddha.  Zoroastrian for the coming of World Savior Saoshyant, and the Sikhs for the Neh Kalank. What's fascinating about these prophecies is that they all seem to foretelling the exact same event.

Why and When He shall come ! References from the Holy Scriptures 

  Christianity Hinduism Islam Sikhism Bahaism Buddhism Jainism Judaism Taoism  
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Only the God Almighty has full access to the forgotten past and unseen future, or to whom God had granted access to the realm of the unseen, could accurately foretold the future. "The hadith"


Whenever and wherever there is a decline in religious practice, O descendant of Bharata, and a predominant rise of irreligion at that time I descend Myself. --- Sri Bhagavad-gita: chapter7  (Pop-up pages are BEST viewed in Google Chrome)


He signifies that although God should not physically come down from heaven, rather you will find Him amidst you as your prophet risen out from you, or your brethren countrymen, just like me, to whom you must listen --- Deuteronomy18:15)-MOSES 


when conditions have reached this far… when things have deteriorated and mankind has sunk to the lowest depths of moral degradation… when Vedic religion and the dharma of the law books have nearly ceased and the Kali Yuga is almost exhausted, then a part of the creator of the entire universe, the blessed Lord Vasudeva [Vishnu], will again manifest Himself as the Kalki Avatar and re-incarnate here in this universe to be known as kalki Avtaar --- Vishnu Purana 4.24  


...Prahalad clarified “ Brother before came the devotee Kabeer, and now came this ascetic yogi Guru Nanak, then comes He”. Now Mardana lost his patience, so he thought of coming directly to the pinpoint and rounding him up with his questions,  he summarized  “look the kabeer was a weaver,  and now the Guru Nanak ji  is from the  khatri family (Kashatriya cast), now tell me Which cast He shall belong to,  Which part of land He shall incarnate and the name of city. Bhagat Prahlad revealed the fact “ Brother the land is Punjab, cast is Jatt (farmer) and the city shall be Batala.  --- Janam Sakhi Bhai Bala

He saw the daybreak star rising in the east, and heard a voice that said: "It shall be a relative to them, and who shall see it and shall see much more,  for from there Wisdom, a great Prophet from the East would bring a message to his people." Crazy Horse's vision foretold them who shall descend ---  a leader Lakota Sioux tribe (Pop-up pages are BEST viewed in Google Chrome)


“Say, [O Muhammad], ‘None in the heavens and earth knows the unseen except Allah, and they do not perceive when they will be resurrected.’” [an-Naml 27: 65]


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