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     An evening view of the peace giving Holy Place      "Harbhagat Dwar"  Village: Jethuwal (Punjab - India)Harbhagat  Dwar (Hari + Bhagat + Dwar) the home of  devotees, of  the  Supreme Lord. It  belongs  to all  those,  who  have  love  and  devotion  in  their hearts for  the  one and only one, The Almighty Supreme Lord, and always seek  "His" protection. It  can  be yours too !  if  you  have  love   and    a   soft  corner  for  others, without  any discrimination  on  the  basis  of  cast, creed, gender or religion. It's  really easy  to  make The Lord happy, if  you can just  "Live  and Let Live" his other creation happily. Because  He is the creator of all, so for Him  the  Human rights  and  the  Animal  rights  have the equal importance. A few of us may not like  the idea but it's a hard fact.  

The Sacred temple of Harbhagat Dwar is located on the westren perimiter of village Jethuwal, which  is situated on the banks of Upper  Bari Duab  water canal, passing alongside the village Jethuwal Sahib, which is  just 13 kms  away  from the  main  city of  Amritsar It is a major  tourist junction, connecting  three prime stations, Delhi,  Jammu   and   Lahore,  by   Northern  Railways  and a vast network of Roads.  The nearest international Airport Sri Guru Ram dass jee International Airport (ATQ) is half an hour run on a normal traffic day.


Har Bhagat  is the  One who truly believes  and  devotionally  enjoys the oneness  with  the Supreme Lord the   " Akal  Purkh "   and  brings  forth  the  glory  of  His  Divineness  to others.  Despite  all  the  pains, problems  and  pressures he seldom lose  his faith,  but  stands rock steady  to supportively extend   the selfless service  towards  those,  who  get  uprooted  by   the  storms  of   life,   as  a  result   of   their  own   “karma”  deeds   in  the  past.  Even  His   Holiness  Sachepatshah ji, being the  treasurer of all the Godly  knowledge and  Healing Powers,  likes to humbly stand  as Har Bhagat. Although  there  have  been  numerous devotees  ‘Bhagats’  in  the  past,  but  they were  all devoted  to  some Guru,  Prophet  goddess  and   so  on.  But   His   Divine   Majesty   "  Sachepatshah  ji  Maharaj  Puran  Singh  ji "Puran"  rewrote the  definition  of  Har  Bhagat  and  linked  every  one directly  to  the  Supreme Lord  “ Hari ” and designated us as  “Har Bhagat”. And   for   the  guidance  of   Har  Bhagat   on   the  righteous   path   He  provided   The   Commandments,   '  the  Word of God '  "  Har Bani  ",   which  is  available  at  the Har Bhagat  Dwar,  compiled  in  original hand written 24  Volumes " Harbani Granths" amounting  to  some  22,000 plus  pages, of  14" x 18"  in size, Himself  by the author  HDM Sachepatshah ji Maharaj  Puran Singh ji  "Puran",  and  on   these  exact  Commandments   of   the  Holy  Scripture,  is  based   the  architecture  of  this Holy Pilgrimage the " Harbhagat Dwar ". 

HDM  Sachepatshah ji  by  his own  omnipotent  vision, brought an end to all kinds of differences like  cast,  creed,   color,   gender  and   rotten  rituals  often  created  or  governed  by  the  self  crowned  religious  leaders  with  shallow  knowledge  of  their  own  faith, they  erect  high  fenced  boundaries  around  their own religion  for  the  protection  of  their personal  gain and egotism, which resulted  in alienating the respected faith  to the rest of  the world. So HDM  Sachepatshah ji  first  of all  clarified  the  most  controversial  word till date  know as the  GOD and  then established a new  place as  per the  commandments of  the Supreme Being,  the  Universal  Pilgrimage  and  named it   HARBHAGAT  DWAR (Dwelling  place of  God’s humble devotee’s). This  new Universal Faith  is  for  all mankind and known as  the  Har  Bhagat,  is  free  from  all  differences  of  any kind,  what  so  ever.  It would  be  wiser  to phrase  that   this Harbhagat  Dwar  is, " of  the  Harbhagats,  for  the  Harbhagats  and  by  the Harbhagats". As  per  the  Holy  Scripture  the  design  of  this  place is based on  the human body structure. The area of  the  Darbar  ( prayer hall)   is  36 x 36  feet, demarcating  its existence.  On  the  main  door  in front is the  four  storied  Minar which  symbolizes the 4th  Level  "Chautha Pad"  of  spirituality  supported by the four Pillars" Four Eras or four Yugas" spaced apart by  three  and half  human cubits,  physical measures of  HDM Himself, the 36 feet height denotes the thirty six  Eras of its persistence. 

              Based  on  the  nine outlets  of  the  human body,   the   Harbhagat Dwar  has nine doors and  the  Singhasan  (throne)  symbolizes the  tenth  door,  the Third Eye " Dasam Duari "  the actual meeting  place of  the aatma and the param aatma,  the  spirit  and holy Spirit  " Bhagat  &  Bhagwan". As  there are  no ancient controversial scriptures placed in the Harbhagat Dwar, so there are no religious barriers, hence no differences held  against  each  other  on   the basis of religion,  cast,  creed,  race,  rich, poor, old, young,  male,  female,  children, king  or  a  beggars. Harbhagat Dwar is for all  mankind  to jointly chant the praise of Holy Lord  and meet the  Supreme  Spirit  " Param Aatma  "  who  permeates  every  where. You  don’t  require  to  possess any background knowledge of  customs,  traditions,  offerings,  prayers, baths, reciting scriptures, or to leave the house and become saints etc. All  you  need  to  get  the  divine Darshan and blessings is, to acquire and chant the Holy Naam “Sohang Maharaj Sher Singh Vishnu Bhagwan Di Jai”. Before we start away with this celestial word of God, we need to know the right way and the right time of doing it. The best way to grasp this technique is, to devotedly read through these few pages being provided here, in a very simple and easy to understand style, is the out come extensive exploration and hard work of a few clairvoyant devotees for the good cause of humanity. For an overall ideology this mission visit the Universal Rules.

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