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Why do we face all these sufferings


 Healthy body has a healthy soul was put into very much of   practice everyone is keen to do Kar-Sewa, young or old alike. Lord says “ If you need nothing just ask for the oneness, come to me like children and ask for love, its my duty to look after you”. Certainly even god does not prefer beggars. But in case you get unwell do not get angry just find the cause. Lord Said “ you should be thankful to Dukh-Rog (Pain and sufferings), they come to you for the holy cause, to rescue your soul and put you back on the holy track. When you start sinking in the materialistic world and avoid to listen the awakening call of your sub conscious or the inner self. 

 The movement You get dragged away from me, this holy servant comes to your aid all by itself.  He feels great to embrace you, but in his own way and feel the holy warmth, because you have seen the God, your body has come in to the holy contact, and filled with lot of blessings. But for the sake of sick and destitute organization has founded the“Mata Ranjit Kaur Dispensary ” in the holy compound. The shrine also has a volunteer medical team on all festival and gatherings. Volunteer Specialists too visit on regularly for the needy one’s. It’s all under the caring of Sucho Bhainji. (The Healing Angel).

  Sucho Bhuaji ~ The Healing Angel


There is no activity, in Harbhagat Dwar, which can go untouched by her. Miss Devinder  Kaur  alias “Sucho” (pure) is second  Sahibjadi (daughter) of  HDM. She had been officially awarded the simplicity by HDM, (Since) teenage she became a white angel, almost 27 years has passed by, just clad in white, non of the worldly attraction has even touched her. She took an oath to be unmarried and devote the entire life for the Service of Harsangat as a sister “Bhainji”. Now she looks after every young and old soul, upkeep the holy shrine, echoing with sweet harmonious sounds of meditation and prayers.

She is responsible for the Holy Langgar ( 24hour running Kitchen), for all the Pilgrims (visitors) and Harsangat from far    and near coming regularly to share there joy and sorrows with her. She advises, “ just go in to the holy shrine (Harbhagat Dwar) with glass of water and ask for His forgiveness & blessing, and drink this nectar with confidence and devotion. But distressed and nervous patients like to have a blissful guarantee from her mouth and a touch with holy whisper, by shure  enough to dilute the Venom (snake bite). Yet she is so simple and down to earth ego less angel, takes care, of the holy museum Art Gallery, photo and Paintings. Actively involved in Audio / Video coverage, preparation and distribution of holy films/Programs worldwide just for the sake of all the members who can not afford to visit every year for the holy get together and heads the entire women wing.



The lord said “you are all my children” Parents have just done the duties, all the bodies are design by the Brahma, but I, am the one who plants the souls in it. Since all the sprits/souls have come out of the same Divine source, all Harbhagats are brother and
   sister spiritually. “ …you are visiting your own Harbaghat Dwar (the house of God followers ), your own home, so I wouldn’t address you as sikh, or Gursikh. Neither shall call you a Saint  nor Mahapursh (great holy man) , I wouldn’t use any  worldly designations. Rather I would say “ you are all Bhagates (devotees), the Bhagates which has been created By the God himself and with his own mercy ”. So as a bhagates this is your home in real sense, (the home of spirtual knowledge) and is just for you. You have come here with great love to seek mental piece, so try to gather all these valuables for you and your family…or your future.

Sahibjada Surjit Singh “Surjit” B.A. the second son of the HDM Often addressed as Bhaji “Brother” was put to the Service of writing the holy books(Likhari). He is a hard working farmer and devotes most of his times in preaching, translation, answering holy web queries, Presiding over all religious, Social meetings, Seminars, Satsangs in India and abroad, wherever the devotees request.


Law and peace

If every human thinks to sow the seed of peace and then visualize it growing larger and larger until it fills the entire world, but every one doesn’t. It is not that easy, to maintain the peace, the society or organization has to first support the justice at grass root level. So to avoid all types of misunderstandings, hot discussions, family conflicts, HDM raised a 21 member committee to

 take care of all the personal grievances before it takes any serious form, Headed by his eldest son, Sahibjada Amarjeet Singh and blessed him with the Title and responsibilities of the Sarpanch.. He is a graduate from Punjab University and a successful farmer, down to the earth Harbhagat who,richly deserves the honor to be a proud devotee. He is responsible for managing and supervising of all the Gurpurab, Matrimonial, funeral, Ceremonies, Yearly Functions & international Seminars, Transportation, Constructions, langar, basically the chores pertaining to get together of Harsangat.